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Mullen puts the necessary mediating influence of language front and center, making a spectacle of the materiality of words themselves by putting "prescribed mediation / unblushingly on display" (2).
But her favourite during her formative years was Fawlty Towers,as she unblushingly recalls: ``It was an enormous favourite.
Some psychotherapies unblushingly comprise spirituality within their proper province--one thinks of Jungian analysis or Transpersonal psychotherapy in this connection.
For more than half a century the unrivalled champion of bringing opera to what would then have unblushingly been called the British provinces, the company faded into history in 1959.
Adding public insult to injury, as Ulster teeters once again on the political brink, the Assembly unblushingly agonised over whether or not the new cash deal could be backdated to last May, as suggested by North Antrim Ulster Unionist Robert Coulter, Commission Chairman.
The latter was unblushingly specified in the "Horst Wessel" hymn: "wenn's Judenblut vom Messer spritzt, dann geht's nochmal so gut" ("when Jewish blood spurts from our knives, things will go doubly well").
Rambuss thus finds in the poems of the metaphysicals figurations of devotion and desire hardly less unblushingly erotic than the porn video.
See America First" advertising unblushingly promises a contradictory combination of sexual excitement and high moral tone, individual satisfaction and patriotic duty, technology and nature, rugged adventure and consumer comfort.
For it has the delicious quality of being unblushingly daft.
The Wall Street Journal unblushingly printed hypnotizee; a football game telecast acquainted me with enshrinee (in a hall of fame); in a Boston Globe obituary survivors of the surgical procedure known as a laryngectomy were dubbed laryngectomees; and now that body piercing is becoming ordinary, cutting is carving a new niche via cutter and unspeakably cute cuttee.
Later he would move further to the Left, and he would unblushingly claim to have been a socialist since 1828--"old socialist that I am.
Saxby unblushingly attempts the same task in a couple of paragraphs.