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I could tell that from the fact that he mentioned at one point that Claire is "absolutely lovely" and some time later, unblushingly, that she "looks just like me".
Admittedly, he is long-winded, trite, bombastic; he lacks taste, and sometimes he plagiarzies unblushingly.
This lie is unblushingly repeated without any supporting evidence in the media and in literally scores of "scholarly" articles.
Alexander Leggatt, however, unblushingly confesses that his essay is 'built on stories of .
It has unblushingly backed dictators, including Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and the genocidal regime of Sudan; it has crudely sought to lock up sources of natural resources in Africa and Latin America; it has repeatedly threatened Taiwan with war; and it has systematically taken advantage of the West's attempts to pressure rogue regimes -- vastly increasing its trade with Iran, for example.
The Britain - Great is no doubt non-pc - of today is a place of such twisted perspectives and Orwellian news speak that Harriet Harman can unblushingly sponsor an Equalities Bill which seeks to combat discrimination by promoting, er, discrimination.
This is unblushingly documented in Israel's case from the time of Herzl through Jabotinsky, Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Moshe Dayan to Sharon et al.
The Times writes unblushingly about sexual behavior, arts censorship, science, health, crime and similar subjects, opening its columns to any newsworthy detail, however disturbing, provided the approach is dignified and the vocabulary clinical rather than coarse.
The dissent further states that some courts agree that government attorneys should be held to a higher standard and provides a particularly poignant quote: "We find it astonishing that an attorney for a federal administrative agency could so unblushingly deny that a government lawyer has obligations that might sometimes trump the desire to pound an opponent into submission.
unblushingly set forth certain of the least desirable characteristics of the race and market it as literature and art" (1997, 92 and 93).
Anansi is a shameless boor, a schemer who unblushingly breaks taboos for the sake of a quick meal, a cunning scoundrel, audacious, selfish, lustful, unthankful, and immoral.
You would think, wouldn't you, that a group of people who go around attacking the idea of federal planning, the welfare state, racial progress, human and social equality, and democracy itself, who unblushingly applaud capitalist traditions, aristocracy, and imperialism, and who claim the United States is pretty near perfect just as it is, would be dismissed as being in the throes of dementia.