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Bold, public emphasis on these themes can expose the politically correct edifice of ``choice'' as a Potemkin Village of myths and falsehoods, and prove Bob Dole a principled leader who will speak for the silent unborn.
Abortion is not between a woman and her doctor, but rather a woman, an unborn child and a for-profit abortionist.
The unborn human being has a unique and permanent genetic identity (since conception); a beating heart (since 3-1/2 weeks); detectable brain activity (since six weeks); fully formed fingers, toes and all internal organs (since eight weeks).
A bizarre double-mindedness exists in American life: We personally and institutionally cherish unborn human beings - and nurture them to birth - while at the same time we personally and institutionally destroy them, all depending upon the pregnant woman's attitude toward them, an attitude often distorted by pressure from the man in her life to abort.
The logic of ``choice'' must perversely hold that the unborn - unless their mothers want them - are not human beings worth including in the human community.
We cannot kill innocent unborns to let others live.
For instance, the demand for fetal tissue would far outweigh the supply, especially since each patient would require tissue from several unborn babies and because many methods of abortion would not preserve the tissue as required or retrieve it at the appropriate stage of development.
Gruesome cannot even begin to describe some of the other "research" with regard to the unborn.
The growing use of fetal tissue will lead to harvesting unborn children for science.
That the real gifts and benefits of medical research will get bogged down by politicians and people with agendas more concerned with promoting themselves and their causes than with finding ways to help all life--born and unborn.