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With its decentralized, unbounded cloud platform, the DFINITY network will power the third-generation of the blockchain.
Let K be a countable, unbounded, [omega]-homogenous real closed field, let [?
Likewise, this method has a low computational efficiency and does not analyze a complicated unbounded media.
Benefits and Costs of Bounded and Unbounded Institutional
Reacting to this, the Indian embassy in Washington said,"Such comments attributed to Senator Hagel, who has been a long-standing friend of India and a prominent votary of close India-US relations are contrary to the reality of India's unbounded dedication to the welfare of Afghan people".
For Unbounded, Namco Bandai decided to hand over development to Bugbear (the people who brought you the FlatOut series) in a bid to bring the franchise bang up to date.
A RIDGE Racer game in name if not spirit, Unbounded shares more DNA with demolition derbies like Split/Second than the Japanese series.
An unbounded discussion of KM is exactly what we need right now and it is exactly what we are publishing.
Carl is the original "Mr Birmingham" whose loyalty to the city is unbounded.
Care and Delight Bus' is LG's innovation on the way to reward our customers for their unbounded faith and trust in the company.
She covers normed spaces and operators, Frechet spaces and Banach theorems, duality, weak topologies, distributions, the Fourier transform and Sobolev spaces, Banach algebras, and unbounded operators in a Hilbert space.
Stuart's unbounded talents will be a loss not only to his family but to the whole community.