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As Jonathan Shear says, "the experience of pure unboundedness is phenomenologically unique.
16) For Derrida, the concept of unboundedness only makes sense when set in opposition to the bounded, and hence Derrida claims that the unboundedness of the sublime is an effect of "consciousness itself" (Shaw 2006, 119).
6 Maximum eigenvalue as an example for unboundedness for Toeplitz preconditioned Toeplitz Schur complement.
However it is in the uses of land that unboundedness reigns: any activity might go anywhere, there is no zoning in the Western sense, and Bangkok is a space of chaotic and improbable juxtapositions.
unboundedness, a distinction based on the presence or absence of factual, arbitrary endpoints ("actualisation aspect" Declerck 2006).
Over against the "essentialism of the neo-nationalist discourse," this line of recent criticism poses the "cultural hybridity (heterogeneity and plurality) of our contemporary cultural formation," the profound contradictions inherent in the national construct, and its unboundedness and relational interaction with other "national" cultures (33-34).
38) Although Middle East and North Africa studies have to various degrees outgrown and even challenged its generating forces, which focused on containment, such research continues to have difficulty with the unboundedness of empire and the uncontainable flows of late modern globalization.
If the '90s were about infinite territorializations of freedom and expression, the times found no better icon than the artist, in whose figure traditional romantic ideologies of unboundedness were sutured to New Economy shibboleths.
She spoke about the panoscopic vision being unboundedness, which allows freedom to explore without limits.
In much the same way the poetics of Dupin may be read through the Parmenidean filter of boundedness and unboundedness.
The political commitments of the authors (Tabuenca, 1997), the structures of power that influence what, where and how one is published and taken into consideration as being part of the field (Donnan & Wilson, 1994; Johnson & Michaelsen, 1997; Tabuenca, 1997; Lutz, 1995), also determine the unboundedness of borderlands studies.