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That's an unbridgeable gap with which we Jews will just have to learn to live.
Considering France are expected to defeat Georgia, a loss would make the gap close to unbridgeable for Finland.
The scheduled inter-Korean talks went down the drain due to unbridgeable disagreements over the equality of the chief representatives from each country.
And the gulf between the Cons and the Dems will be the deepest ever, an unbridgeable chasm of principle and tactics.
Roderick Matthew's book deals with some key issues as what put unbridgeable distance between the two men, the differences and similarities between the two, what changed their outlook so radically, what impact it had on the histories of not only India and Pakistan but the whole of Asia, etc.
Poland) points out an unbridgeable gap between the notion of quantificational truth expressed by German mathematician and philosopher Gottlob Frege (1848-1925), and the notion of reference.
In contrast, for Irenaeus, there is an unbridgeable gap between the creator and the creature, and no common essence among creatures, let alone with God.
The move came at a time when the war of words between Syrian Kurdish groups suffering from unbridgeable differences and fragmentation turned into armed clashes in the northern part of Syria last week.
Curiously enough, at some time last year I recall Vanessa Feltz (who recently celebrated her 50th birthday) on her early morning wireless show relating the tale of going to buy a bed, armed with imperial measurement, but the "youngish people" in the shop spoke only in metric - and there followed a seemingly unbridgeable gap in the discussions.
First, the divisions and disagreements on the criteria for drawing up the CA membership seemed unbridgeable at times.
At the May 23-24 talks in Baghdad the negotiations exposed a gulf between the two sides' positions that looked almost unbridgeable, and nearly caused the talks to collapse.
Wright-Phillips struck after 76 nervous minutes at Brunton Park to ensure the League One leaders now have an unbridgeable 10-point advantage over third-placed Sheffield Wednesday with three games to play.