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In this regards, one of the so called analyst Mir Muhammad Talpur has crafted baseless story with the title of "An unbridgeable chasm of distrust" and published in a local Pakistani English daily newspaper.
That's an unbridgeable gap with which we Jews will just have to learn to live.
Hamilton, who said a national academy ought to be providing younger players for the Scotland side, admitted there was a danger of an unbridgeable gap opening up.
Both Burell and Murad acknowledge irresolvable and unbridgeable theological and religious differences and disagreements between Christianity and Islam.
Notwithstanding the settlement to prevent the differences from becoming unbridgeable, both sides struggled to hide continuing tensions even after prolonged negotiations- a feeling accentuated by the absence of a joint statement at the conclusion of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's crucial trip to Islamabad for salvaging the troubled US-Pak ties.
Apart from leaving an unbridgeable void and confusion among millions of his devotees about his successor, people are also perplexed about who will take care of the massive network of institutions and organisations set up by Sai Baba since he proclaimed his mystical position more than six decades ago.
Three U10's riders from East Bradford CC, Billy Lazenby, Alex Grice and George Southby dominated the lead group, which soon established an unbridgeable gap.
Now, laugh as we all may, does this particular situation epitomise the unbridgeable cultural gap between Middle Eastern millionaires and their vanity purchases of the West?
With under three hours until the scheduled beginning of coverage, the impasse seems unbridgeable.
The North-South divide will become an unbridgeable chasm unless the Government is prepared to balance the economy more fairly for those regions which face a more challenging future.
Macedonian society is getting more divided in patriots and traitors and this is becoming more of an unbridgeable gap," said Demiri adding that the international factor will become more critical toward Macedonia as time goes by.
This unbridgeable divide is not limited to just the state.