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That kept us a little longer suspended and unbruised.
Luckily - in another victory for the cold compress - my eyes have remained as sparkly and unbruised as ever.
He is thus in the crosshairs of a great challenge by these two opponents, with not much of a cushion to get out of the crisis unbruised and unharmed, and unhelpfully with a populace largely alienated with him.
the unbruised skin is grayish, like a plucked, raw drumstick" (65).
We used to have an orchard and Dad, who was a keen cricketer, would ask me to climb the trees and throw the apples down to him so he could pop them in a box unbruised.
With his unbruised good looks, his eloquence, humour and nimbleness in the ring, he could make boxing seem as graceful as ballet - assuming Swan Lake sometimes ends with Prince Siegfried and Odette punching the living daylights out of each other.
Why do I have to go to a store selling gourmet products to find fennel or bright and unbruised baby squash?
When you buy a Far West mushroom, it's perfect: smooth, unbruised, firm, smelling of forest and loam.
This grave perception of friction had the effect of making Benedick's apparently conciliatory lines at the play's conclusion rather less assured than usual: "For thy part, Claudio, I did think to have beaten thee, but in that thou art like to be my kinsman, live unbruised, and love my cousin" (5.
After weeks of non-stop boozing and partying as she tried to appear defiant and unbruised over the split, Katie is now "hibernating" at home on her sofa, comfort eating, sources say.
With all the cheek of an unbruised upstart, he was in the habit of button-holing stars to interview on stage to raise money for his fledgling theatre companies.
Choose the rocket carefully; look for green and unbruised leaves.