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Washington, May 2 (ANI): A new study has revealed that most children who first unbuckle were age three and under and that many unbuckle while the vehicle is in motion-putting them at a 3.
As he punched her, the attacker was said to have become annoyed when he was unable to unbuckle the woman's jeans which were fastened at the rear.
They came up with their swords by their sides and were told to unbuckle their swords, two little fat men.
This will expose the release button and allow you to unbuckle your child.
When I finally unbuckle my safety harness, it feels like an eternity since the ride began.
We've become trained to show up hours earlier to airports and to shuffle passively through security checkpoints, to unbuckle our pants and untuck our shirts, to hold our feet up in the air while agents wave wands over our shoes, to surrender nail clippers at the gate or just travel without them, to grin and bear it while Grandma's walker gets the once-over.
Cruz's head above water while the others struggled to unbuckle him from the heavy chair.
Perhaps they could unbuckle their belts and pour hot Bovril in their boxers.
I say unbuckle that belt and send me, by bus even, straight to San Francisco.
Iqbal al-Hilli, in the back of the family BMW, used vital seconds to unbuckle Zeena, four, and shout at her to hide from the gunman.
Authorities later found out that the car's 17-year-old driver had been able to unbuckle his seat belt and escape.
The Ricky Hatton promoted Quigg will challenge for the domestic strap early in the year and revealed if he emerges victorious he will give Barry McGuigan's protege the chance to unbuckle the belt from his waist.