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Alleging that big multinationals are illegally selling BT cotton seeds to farmers, the consortium of UNCAGE and other NGOs protested against these intentions of the state government.
Rumours are rife that Apple is out to uncage the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 on Oct 15 and release date for the two refreshed iOS 7 slates are due to follow, if not by end of the month or by early November.
Now, having seen for himself at such close quarters just what it takes to be a world No 1, Baker - who had the weight of such future mantles thrust upon him when he first erupted on to the scene and beat the previous year's Open champion Nick Faldo in a play-off at Fulford in 1988 - is now looking to uncage the tiger in himself.
ST HELENS are ready to uncage "The Beast" in their bid to be crowned world champions.