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Finally, to imagine the catastrophic failure of uncalculated political moves, it is enough to have a look at the fate of the regional nations who attempted to establish justice in their countries through chaos.
The judgment against Alex Golden, CEO of Allied Bank, is $780,788 and uncalculated interest since Sept.
Social media sites presented many examples of "slips of the tongue", whether unintentional, as is implied by the phrasing, or whether it did actually reflect the position adopted by the speaker, but his remark was uncalculated.
It [Arab League decision] is a desperate attempt to make up for [Saudi Arabia's] political and moral losses in the region, revealing the size of the Saudi predicament as a result of entering into uncalculated adventures and the loss of its role in the region," Fadlallah told a memorial ceremony in the southern town of Kounin.
That can be one uncalculated side effect of fighting against a common enemy," said an analyst quoted in the report.
When Saddam invaded Kuwait in August 1990, Prince Saud was among the fiercest opponent of this uncalculated move.
Moreover, Minister of Awqaf and Religious Affairs, Sheikh Yousef Adeis said that the attack against this church is not an individual and uncalculated act, but an action done with the protection of the Israeli government.
He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "There are two types of decisions binding and non-binding, and at this stage we have the option to wait to listen and read the details," adding: "the executive is concerned away from uncalculated reactions which do not serve the country.
The upshot is that ROI is "largely uncalculated," he says.
Analyzer for blood gas, electrolytes and hematocrit measured uncalculated 1000 packages each test,cards blood group abo / rh + coombs direct for newborn,blood donor card group abo / d (i-) + reverse group,blood donor card group abo / d (vi +) + reverse group,cards for compatibility (cross wholesale) monoclonal gel system (anti igg) etc.
Metsubo, who is also the president of NNTM, said: "I am very much honored that the experience that I have uncalculated during pageant of Mr.
Vara was also ordered to pay back PS2,229 in rent arrears and as yet uncalculated court costs.