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He had himself been drinking more than was good for him, trying to turn his gloom into uncalculating anger.
She was too young, and, to say the truth, too natural and uncalculating, to be always remembering that Betts owned a good old-fashioned landed estate that was said to produce twenty, and which did actually produce eleven thousand a year, nett; and that his house in the country was generally said to be one of the very best in the state.
Besides, if you were not the most uncalculating girl in the world you would know that we could not go on like this for ever.
Such an unworldly, uncalculating, gossamer creature is a relief to him and an amusement.
a creature of uncalculating passion and instinctive freedom?
Learn, caitiff, the expediency of uncalculating zeal.
If the absolutely pure, uncalculating, unpractical spirit of adventure had ever ruled a human being, it ruled this be-patched youth.
The true adventurer goes forth aimless and uncalculating to meet and greet unknown fate.
Crime may be forgiven; uncalculating sacrifice, blind trust, burning faith, other follies, may be turned to account; suffering, death itself, may with a grin or a frown be explained away; but passion is the unpardonable and secret infamy of our hearts, a thing to curse, to hide and to deny; a shameless and forlorn thing that tramples upon the smiling promises, that tears off the placid mask, that strips the body of life.
Rockefeller also seems to be noticing that Morgan's was an oddly uncalculating wealth.
According to Ken Boulding, "No one in his senses would want his daughter to marry an economic man, one who counted every cost and asked for every reward, was never afflicted by mad generosity or uncalculating love .
7:1-5; 13:10-17), and he challenged people to realize a higher law based on God's uncalculating mercy rather than on their restricted notions of worthiness and unworthiness (Luke 6:27-38).