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General Yacoub also said teams will be inspecting and patrolling markets to ensure there are no violations, and that uncalled-for price increases do not take place.
Protecting immigrants from exploitation and uncalled-for deportation honors the spirit and principle of our nation and can help raise living standards for all workers.
a aThis is why we urge everyone to act responsibly and avoid uncalled-for insinuations.
So many people get so totally discouraged and disgusted on account of heartless, unnecessary, and uncalled-for criticism on the part of holier-than-thou hypocrites.
Which meant, naturally enough, that it featured goosestepping Nazis and an excess of totally uncalled-for undressing and sexual innuendo.
Recently, my boyfriend left an uncalled-for comment on Facebook on a woman's picture that was referring to her behind.
While the locals are reportedly alleging that the firing was uncalled-for, the army are denying it tooth and nail.
As physical and hard-fought as the games were, I didn't see a single instance of anger at an opponent, woofing, uncalled-for hard foul or any other show of poor sportsmanship.
Earlier, on Wednesday the court rejected the report by the AG on behalf of the IB chief, citing the use of uncalled-for language.
The comments berating social tenants are uncalled-for.
Elaine Edwards, UCAC's General Secretary said: "The fact members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a strike shows they are united in their opinion that the Westminster Government's attack on public sector pensions is entirely uncalled-for and unfair.
A huge data base is being amassed containing everyone's personal details for these unnecessary and uncalled-for biometric ID cards.