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This relentless search for uncalled-for novelty truly depresses me.
The Rangers striker is a close pal of the Hoops stopper from their days with Hibs, Celtic and Scotland and feels he is taking uncalled-for flak this term.
This is clearly not helpful towards the efforts which many people are making to resolve the problems in an amicable way and I apologise to those people who have been offended by these unnecessary and uncalled-for comments.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned the remarks, saying that the "speech was totally uncalled-for at a conference aimed at defending diversity and tolerance".
gt; tamper is used for intruding or experimenting in a way that is wrong or uncalled-for and likely to be harmful.
I SHOULD like to send a message through your pages to those underhand disciples of political correctness at Newcastle and Gateshead Councils who have wielded an uncalled-for axe on our Christmas holiday, replacing it with the unwanted "winter festival".
However, Dan Savage's use of this event to launch a tirade against men who don't come out when he did, or at any certain age, is simply uncalled-for.
Hopefully, if he has a sense of humour, he will understand that your uncalled-for comments were made after a few drinks and see the funny side
In the current situation, where an illegitimate and uncalled-for war was waged, where lies and deceit have proved commonplace, where far too many casualties are still mounting, how can anyone who has lost a son, daughter, husband, father or friend due to all this disgusting, self-centered hypocrisy emanating from the White House think anything but impeachment?
Manager Martin O'Neill slammed Izzet's treatment as uncalled-for and totally unrelated to the tragic events in Turkey prior to Leeds UEFA Cup semi-final first leg clash with Galatasaray.
Ozawa said, however, that Nishimura's examples were uncalled-for, and caused problems for Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi's cabinet.