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A harp, and other matters of a very uncanonical appearance, were also visible when this dark recess was opened.
The desire for power and the fascination which it exerts are together with anxiety, seduction and frustration, the " uncanonical keywords" of the democracy (Braud).
There is no trace of Leavisite pickiness in his choice of examples as he also invites us to think about and then enjoy some splendidly uncanonical works like chapbooks, the Russian lubki and modern Japanese manga.
Independent Canadian scholar Horman posits a source written in the Greek language, which he calls N, from which both the canonical gospel of Mark and the uncanonical gospel of Thomas drew.
And this 'elsewhere' is the realm of those uncanonical novels that were too reactionary or conservative to endure, or works that in their own time were perhaps perceived as eccentric.
He is the man whose life is governed by the horrible and horrifying emotion of pity: for him the great uncanonical sacrament is the sacrament of the brother.
The first evidence comes from the uncanonical functions of modifying derivation in contemporary written Veps.
16) Although Jerome rejected 3 and 4 Esdras as uncanonical, both were included in manuscripts of the Latin Bible throughout the Middle Ages.
It censures the uncanonical situation of presbyters who have married twice, or have married after ordination, and of clerics who have married a widow or divorcee.
The anonymous author of the pamphlet, who called himself 'Scrutator', claimed that Vaughan's recent begging letters for the completion of St Mary's Cathedral had been both irregular and uncanonical, and had afforded him opportunities to plot and interfere in the affairs of sees other than his own as the 'agent of Propaganda in Australia'.
ROCA stated that from August to October 2006, two Moscow Patriarchate priests threatened to withhold sacraments from the parishioners if they continued supporting the "illegal and uncanonical sect.
Among the clergy, sisters, and laity there are signs of much dissatisfaction on account of the arbitrary and uncanonical actions of the Bishop.