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I'm tired of my husband's uncaring nature and have had enough of his beatings.
The post Uncaring civil servants should be publicly shamed appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Before GRACES, my number one proof of this great collective uncaring by all those who matter in terms of resources and influence was the perpetual hunger of our poor.
its gloomy absolutely time 'The big highstreet names are unwieldy beasts who we perceive to be uncaring, arrogant and unresponsive.
It's a pity this amount of publicity was not given when this uncaring city council closed down nine out of 12 day centres.
Distressed patients reporting unclean ambulances and uncaring paramedics were among thousands of complaints to the Welsh Ambulance Service since 2010, the Western Mail can reveal.
Thousands of patients contacted the Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust to raise concerns, with complaints including dirty ambulances, speeding and "disinterested/ uncaring behaviour" by staff.
This uncaring government would love to abolish the welfare system and the NHS.
BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said it is not clear under what compulsions did Banerjee decide to back Mukherjee, as she was the first one to raise her voice against the uncaring policies of the UPA Government eventually hurting the sentiments of the 'aam admi'.
Unfortunately Mr Brown and Katie were judged to be hard and uncaring.
Summary: Gordon Brown has been branded a "disgruntled dour Scot" who most voters see as uncaring.
This, unfortunately, is the face of modern day uncaring Britain.