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k, where the s look uncaring, ely made my t some what we do Marie Stacey, via email mail
It proves that not all young people are selfish and uncaring and have no respect for the older members of society.
Sir - Your article ``Growing homeless figure tip of iceberg'' (November 30), allows for the general public to believe that local authorities throughout Wales are an uncaring lot, showing a total of homeless people at 13,500.
The treatment of tenants over recent months seems to be deteriorating in quality to the extent that our customers (tenants), when given the option, would think any alternative better than the present uncaring system.
Those moments that can leave you feeling like a heel--or an uncaring son or daughter or caregiver.
One of the many issues faced by stepfamilies is the perception of uncaring stepmoms--yet many step moms are very involved, loving, and play an important role in the lives of their stepchildren.
JUST as I was thinking what an uncaring society we live i imagine my surprise when I opened my ECHO on August 21 to see a photo of my auntie Marjory, who is 92 and who I havea not seen for many years after losing touch when my parents passed away.
I wonder how much less dependant the UK would be on other countries for its energy needs had this dogmatic and uncaring woman not forced the closure of coalmines to score a political point against the NUM.
Our uncaring prime minister should have been ousted long ago, but it is obvious that there is no one in his cabinet to take his place.
MARGARET Thatcher blindly ignored warnings from her most trusted aide that the public saw her as uncaring, hectoring and bossy.
highstreet are beasts perceive uncaring, and They're unwieldy beasts who we perceive to be unresponsive, arrogant and uncaring.
Which seems strange as that includes everyone who voted for us to join the Common Market; it also means that most parents and all grandparents, great-grandparents and their ancestors were all uncaring narrow-minded hypocrites, whose malicious ideas, beliefs and culture should be permanently erased from our memories.