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Yet, while we attempt to leave our own poetic, voyeuristic seclusion, we seem to be discovered by the gaze of the stranger, that voyeur whom we thought we were watching unseen: after looking about, the stranger, laughing perhaps at our own newly acquired embarrassment, begins to swim uncaringly, as if beckoning us to join him in the sensual pleasures of his pool.
I still have memories of the way they uncaringly blasted to smithereens the 1500-year-old sacred Buddhas of Bamiyan.
Or if, uncaringly, we look away when workers are fired and replaced by others simply because they have exercised their moral right to strike--a right defended again and again in papal teaching, including that of our present pope--our values leave something to be desired.
It's terrible that government seems to uncaringly do these things.
Once he was a tiny innocent baby Whose birth made a loving young family complete But now he sits hunched and alone in the city centre shop doorway With a grubby begging bowl placed at his feet Most people walk uncaringly past him Without so much as a sideways glance While others wear expressions of unconcealed disgust As if somehow taking a high moral stance A few more kindly people pause to drop a few coins in the bowl Noticing the grimy clothes and the lined ravaged face Aware and grateful that if their own lives had been different They could so easily have been sitting in his place For what happened in the life of that tiny new born child That brought him to this sad and desperate fate?
The motto of the First Division is written uncaringly above the gates of Hell - "He who enters is doomed".