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People with this "quirk" carelessly or uncaringly say whatever comes to mind, without thinking of the social consequences.
That's a reasonable credo, but now and then it collapses like a house of cards in a hailstorm; sometimes it's you, my friend, who props up the league table of humankind, points being deducted with abstract cruelty by an uncaringly careless world.
Pak) as a law that was hurriedly enacted and uncaringly amended.
Clesant, slow to think, instinctively but uncaringly yanks Martin from
But ignorantly, and apparently uncaringly, to sacrifice this jewel of Wales' heritage for the sake of a few extra quid is an act of crass philistinism.
How often do we simply exchange delightful games for cars and life insurance, trade in our dolls and models for children that we uncaringly attempt to mold into our own image or leave like trophies on the shelf?
Look at today's photographs of brave Bob Ireland and ask yourself if the man who left him so badly hurt should be free to swagger uncaringly through our city.
Jaccard answers these concerns by first recognising the damage caused by humans who ignorantly and uncaringly do great harm to themselves and their environment.
The assumption was that if employers were unknowingly or uncaringly submitting invalid worker Social Security numbers to the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration, it stood to reason that they also would include these workers in their establishment survey responses or their UI tax reports (which provide the benchmark data for the establishment survey).
And then the Public School boy, with his satchel, And shining lot of fag, going by rail Uncaringly to school.
When we ring a police station hopefully we will receive a reply in under five minutes, and will be dealt with as we would expect to be, and not flippantly and uncaringly by civilian staff, as happens now.