uncertain event

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Dorothea checked herself suddenly with self-rebuke for the presumptuous way in which she was reckoning on uncertain events, but she was spared any inward effort to change the direction of her thoughts by the appearance of a cantering horseman round a turning of the road.
Can you think clearly while others are casting an uncertain event like a horserace as one with a huge degree of inevitability?
In such cases we need to consider the various outcomes that could actually occur, albeit by using a rather simplified three outcomes for each uncertain event.
A contingent liability is one that depends on an uncertain event, such as the settlement of a lawsuit.
Case law has also established that if the use, possession or enjoyment is postponed due to a future uncertain event (such as the discretion of a trustee or joint action of entity owners), the gift is of a future interest.
Speaking of life as found in such big cities as Bangalore and Ahmedabad, the poet writes: "Life's thrill lies in that uncertain event / we work and wait for in the trail of a scent" ("The Guests"); and again, "Life's a game of war, the fun is in the fight" ("Invitation").
A conditional receivable and payable--a qualified right or obligation to receive or deliver cash or a financial instrument depending on whether an uncertain event occurs (for example, a potential obligation under a casualty insurance contract);
1 Jenkins' 100-day sales record Daily sales (cartons) Days sold 100 30 200 50 300 20 2 Combining decisions and possible outcomes Course of action Uncertain event Decision 1 Decision 2 Decision 3 And so on Outcome 1 x x x x Outcome 2 x x x x Outcome 3 x x x x And so on x x x x 3 Daily forecast net margin ([pounds sterling]) Action (order size at 2.
In the uncertain event that a hydrogen economy does develop, then the fuel cell is likely to become one of the primary means of exploiting hydrogen.
The same advantage can be gained for uncertain events through the use of probabilistic modeling, as was demonstrated in the different ways in which companies responded to the recent slowdown in West Coast ports.
As for the risk preferences, it may be that as they are getting closer to the end of their life, people assume that it is less likely for uncertain events to actually happen to them, which drives them to take less risks with gains, but more risks with losses," Levy said.
On the other hand, it is also clear that Taleb also thinks of uncertain events as merely rare events.