uncertain state

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Anyway, it's an uncertain state of matters, you see.
But the stony one is a gruff one likewise, and that hazy state of his is always an uncertain state, highly conscious of its dignity, and prone to take offence.
Lady Janet--in a highly uncertain state of temper--was obliged to begin.
In this pensive, wayward, and uncertain state, people are apt to lounge and loiter without knowing why, to read placards on the walls with great attention and without the smallest idea of one word of their contents, and to stare most earnestly through shop-windows at things which they don't see.
In the fourth quarter of fiscal 2014, the Company benefitted from a gain on the sale of property as well as a lower effective tax rate due to the settlement of various uncertain state tax positions.
The uncertain state of living by your wits is too often forced on so many by a cruel twist in circumstance.
The uncertain state of the world economy is also a contributing factor.
Amid uncertain state of affairs related to the second renewal of permit, the Government of Nepal had issued renewed license to Nepal Telecom (NT) in May 2014 devoid of imposition of the fee of Rs 20 billion disobeying the previous Government s diktat.
There are many initiatives that could be placed on the table; maintaining the present uncertain state, in which Egyptian businessmen (whether affiliated to the old regime or not) are not aware of a new economic vision and policy, is definitely harming the economy.
The nuclear fission reactions inside the research facility are expected to offer a detailed explanation about the uncertain state of the melted fuel inside the three crippled Fukushima reactors.
Such is the uncertain state of "Obamacare" as it approaches what was originally supposed to be a defining moment - a signup deadline that would provide the first real test of the viability of the healthcare program brought into law by the Affordable Care Act.
Given the Patels' facts and circumstances, including the uncertain state of the law at the time, the court said, they acted with reasonable cause and in good faith and were not liable for the penalty.