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The Trade Minister stated that the world's economy was facing recession and uncertainly it brought negative impact on the economy of the county.
Despite the seriousness of the condition, only around a third are detected before birth, and delays in detection cause uncertainly, distress, physical harm and, in the worst cases, death.
E-commerce has to go a long way in Pakistan which is still marred by uncertainly of delivery.
Accounting for Uncertainly in Income Taxes, found that the accounting standard generally achieved its goal of increasing relevance and comparability in reporting information about income tax uncertainties.
Victoria Kettley, forecaster for MeteoGroup, said there was still some uncertainly over exactly how much snow will fall.
The adverse change in these financial metrics has triggered a downward revision of Cegedim's business risk profile to "fair" from "satisfactory", which now factors in modest, if any, improvement in revenue in 2011 and uncertainly about sustained results, the service said.
IN THESE times of economic uncertainly, in which even the normally undaunted British spirit is with care and woe oppressed, many of us look to our betters for a sign of hope; for a reassurance that all is not yet lost.
The current act doesn't allow staff members to perform their duties without the fear and uncertainly of who and when someone may be monitoring them," added Bali.
In times with record-high oil prices and supply uncertainly, the focus on alternative energy is likely to increase, the broker said, adding that, if so, REC could be about to register a considerable upswing.
With uncertainly surrounding when he will be fit to resume, Moore's prospects of adding a fourth championship to his tally are beginning to appear remote as he remains anchored in third place behind Paul Hanagan and Richard Hughes.
As the uncertainly about the future of the markets continues, Shari'ah investors may continue to be advantaged because of this.