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Despite the seriousness of the condition, only around a third are detected before birth, and delays in detection cause uncertainly, distress, physical harm and, in the worst cases, death.
Egypt's economy continues to suffer from worker strikes and political uncertainly, including a series of violent clashes against the ruling military council since the uprising, which have kept investors and tourists away.
Accounting for Uncertainly in Income Taxes, found that the accounting standard generally achieved its goal of increasing relevance and comparability in reporting information about income tax uncertainties.
Victoria Kettley, forecaster for MeteoGroup, said there was still some uncertainly over exactly how much snow will fall.
However, that uncertainly was finally resolved after Swaziland-based Casino Enterprises lost their bid to operate in South Africa when the Supreme Court of Appeal in September upheld an earlier decision by North Gautend High Court that declared online, or interactive, gambling illegal.
This book describes methods for analyzing motion stability in five classes of dynamic systems whose parameters are specified uncertainly (uncertain systems).
President and Chief Executive Officer of The Bank of South Carolina, stated, "We are pleased with our performance in this time of economic uncertainly.
The uncertainly of the euro raised a dilemma with citizens as to what they should do with their savings.
The first nine months of 2011 was characterised by uncertainly and low participation.
Fabregas maintains he will always hold a special place in his heart for the Gunners, whom he joined as a raw teenager in 2003, but the 24-year-old admits uncertainly over the club's short-term goals did play a part in his decision to leave.
He argued that such measure would be likely to extend the period of uncertainly and lack of confidence and spread violence, since the Government that will result from the Constituent Assembly will be unable to find solutions to outstanding issues.
Using a measurement of the clustering of the galaxies surveyed, plus other information derived from observations of the early Universe, Beutler has measured the Hubble constant with an uncertainly of less than 5 percent.