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noun ambiguity, ambivalence, chance, confusion, contingency, darkness, desultoriness, dilemma, dimness, doubt, doubtfulness, dubiousness, equivocation, faintness, feebleness, gamble, hazard, hesitancy, hesitation, improbability, incertitude, inconstancy, incredulity, indefiniteness, indetermination, insecurity, instability, irresolution, jeopardy, misgiving, obscurity, peril, possibility, precariousness, qualm, quandary, reluctance, risk, shadowiness, speculation, suspense, undependability, unevenness, unpredictability, unreliability, unsteadiness, vacillation, vagueness, wavering, weakness
See also: ambiguity, ambivalence, chance, confusion, contingency, dilemma, doubt, hazard, hesitation, improbability, incertitude, incredulity, indecision, jeopardy, misgiving, peril, possibility, qualm, quandary, reluctance, risk, scruple, speculation, venture

CERTAINTY, UNCERTAINTY, contracts. In matters of obligation, a thing is certain, when its essence, quality, and quantity, are described, distinctly set forth, Dig. 12, 1, 6. It is uncertain, when the description is not that of one individual object, but designates only the kind. Louis. Code, art. 3522, No. 8 5 Co. 121. Certainty is the mother of repose, and therefore the law aims at certainty. 1 Dick. 245. Act of the 27th of July, 1789, ii. 2, 1 Story's Laws, 6. His compensation for his servicer, shall not exceed two thousand dollars per annum. Gordon's Dig. art. 211.
     2. If a contract be so vague in its terms, that its meaning cannot be certainly collected, and the statute of frauds preclude the admissibility of parol evidence to clear up the difficulty; 5 Barn. & Cr. 588; S. C. 12 Eng. Com. L. R. 827; or parol evidence cannot supply the defect, then neither at law, nor in equity, can effect be given to it. 1 Russ. & M. 116; 1 Ch. Pr. 123.
     3. It is a maxim of law, that, that is certain which may be made certain; certum est quod certum reddi potest Co. Litt. 43; for example, when a man sells the oil he has in his store at so much a gallon, although there is uncertainty as to the quantity of oil, yet inasmuch as it can be ascertained, the maxim applies, and the sale is good. Vide generally, Story, Eq. El. Sec. 240 to 256; Mitf. Pl. by Jeremy, 41; Coop. Eq. Pl. 5; Wigr. on Disc. 77.

UNCERTAINTY. That which is unknown or vague. Vide Certainty.

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It is clear that uncertainty plays an important role in an individual's career decision process.
Section 2 of this paper presents the form of the transducer calibration equation as a framework for proceeding with the examination of various force uncertainty components.
The [beta] distribution, (12 + 1, 15 - 12 + 1), was used to model the uncertainty around the proportion of S.
In this article, we give the calculation of measurement uncertainty for curing parameters of a rubber compound which includes minimum torque, maximum torque, ts2, TC50 and TC90.
Sequential decision-making can allow the early follower to learn from the first mover's mistakes without making the same commitments until the uncertainty of the situation subsides.
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The clinical practice of medicine, by its very nature, carries considerable task uncertainty.
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When such uncertainty is achieved, it becomes necessary to account for neutron refraction at the ambient sample interfaces.
3 NATURE, they offer experimental evidence that something deeper than uncertainty yanks offstage the wave- or particle-half of the duet.