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21) A bank issuing a signature guarantee warrants that the signature of the customer indorsing a certificated security or authorizing the transfer of an uncertificated security is authentic.
This section further provides that the term "financial asset" may refer to either the interest itself or the means by which a person's claim to it is evidenced, including a certificated or uncertificated security, a security certificate, or a security entitlement.
Whole shares of Axiall Corporation common stock in uncertificated form will be received by PPG shareholders whose common stock was accepted in the exchange.
Holders of ADSs in registered form, either in ADR form or in uncertificated form through the Direct Registration System (a system administered by the DTC pursuant to which Citibank, N.
May the fire that released and rekindled your patient and positive spirit, burn further, for the benefit of plenty others (both scholars and non-scholars or as articulated differently, the certificated and uncertificated folks, as stipulated by Herbert Vilakazi.
Payment of the merger consideration will be made to surrendering ADS holders and holders of ADSs in uncertificated form as soon as practicable after the Depositary receives the merger consideration.
Delta Trust is among nine lenders to file UCC financial statements in connection with loans to Smiley secured by uncertificated Arvest stock.
28) Third, we review the little understood law of uncertificated securities and limited liability company (LLC) interests, which is crucial to the case.
The epidemic of "short term", generally uncertificated, often repeated sickness is either putting a huge strain on fellow staff who remain in work, or is costing a fortune in employing agency staff to cover.
The NUT worked hard to ensure we progressed from having uncertificated teachers in the Victorian days - when anyone could become a teacher - to the Certificate of Education, and then we campaigned for it to become an all-graduate profession.
In this context, it should be noted that students of the indirect holding system sometimes confuse that system with the "book entry" system for transferring uncertificated securities.
Shareholders holding ADSs in registered form, either in American depositary receipt (ADR ) form or in uncertificated form through the Direct Registration System, may accept the Offer and tender ADSs to the ADS Tender Agent, Wells Fargo Shareowner Services, by delivering to such ADS Tender Agent a properly completed and duly executed ADS Letter of Transmittal, with any applicable signature guarantees from an Eligible Institution, together with the ADRs representing the ADSs specified on the face of the ADS Letter of Transmittal, if applicable, prior to the Closing Date.