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What was not as predictable were the others who joined him on the lists of uncertified and thus uncounted votes: Willie Nelson, Clark Kent and Socrates.
Finance Department figures showed the biggest cost for uncertified sick time was in the health sector at EUR35million for more than 100,000 employees.
In 2009 uncertified days cost the State EUR6million, while certified days totalled EUR57million.
New figures which will come before the Oireachtas Committee on Public Accounts next week show some EUR448m was paid out in respect of certified sick leave and a further EUR63m on uncertified sick leave.
The hotel also uses 30 percent less water and 28 percent less energy than a regular uncertified hotel.
In addition, the liquidators estimate that JIL may have a claim for the value of uncertified completed works and for breach of contract well in excess of US$13 million.
The latest such dispute is with French cosmetics giant L'Oreal (EPA:OR), which has said that trademark infringements on Ebay range from selling its products unpackaged to selling its branded goods from uncertified sources.
Ahmad said the bill imposes heavy fine as well as imprisonment from six months to two years for the sale of spurious seed and keeping stock of uncertified substandard seeds in the country.
Uncertified inventory will be scrapped in six months
Beijing, May 19 (ANI): Aiming to prevent state secrets from being disclosed and uncertified maps from being published online, an updated standard for Internet map servers would be implemented next month.
Chain-of-custody certification means a company has a tracking system in place that identifies the amount of certified, uncertified and recycled content in the forest products it buys, uses or sells.