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NCVMA will award $5,000 to the Coalition to Unchain Dogs in 2015, and the organization will have the opportunity to reapply for the grant in 2016.
8220;We are pleased to be able to support the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, which works hard to provide education to the community on proper animal welfare practices,” said Claire Holley, executive director of the NCVMA.
Civilian contractors Elliott Sergeant Ltd, of Southampton, which moved the carriers from Catterick to the port, have ordered drivers not to unchain personnel carriers until they are ready to be unloaded.
Today, Marratech and the virtual office concept unchain workers from their desk or an office by allowing them to work from anywhere and connect with colleagues as if they were in the same room.
Summary: Chinese officials have ordered a man to unchain his two-year-old son from a lampost, where he is left each day.
Quickoffice is a solution that unchains people from their desktop PCs and allows them accomplish greater productivity anytime and anywhere.