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WHILE the Narendra Modi regime is all poised to lose the 'newly-elected' tag as it draws closer to the completion of one year, the prime minister still commands the epithet of "master communicator" for his never-before-in-Indianpolitics use of all platforms of mass communication, ranging from print and electronic to web-based services and even the radio, apart from emerging as the unchallenged king of the social media.
Then on six minutes from a free-kick chipped into the box, Dan Burn nodded on for Aaron McLean to put an unchallenged looping header high and wide from 10 yards.
Scorpions were first on the board in the second half when Gore burst through and ran unchallenged for his second.
This election, he was unchallenged and will represent District 23, a seat entirely within Marion County.
Richards' shot took a deflection off Andy Frampton and Kee was on hand to head unchallenged into an unguarded net.
For too long, it has gone unidentified and unchallenged.
It devotes significant space to "making sure Jerome Corsi doesn't get away with his lies unchallenged.
Zrate are unchallenged for reelection to three-year terms, while H.
Woking allowed Athletic striker Ben Watson to run through unchallenged and score in the 87th minute of their clash at the Recreation Ground straight after they had inadvertently taken the lead.
I ENJOY James Willoughby's out-of-thebox views on racing, but I can't let his statement that the racehorse is the supreme athlete of the animal world go unchallenged.
Arnold Schwarzenegger will likely sign into law, had little opposition and sailed unchallenged through committee hearings.
Unchallenged in the 1950s and 1960s, they downplayed the threat of the Asian makers in the 1970s, and hid behind the government's skirts in the 1980s begging for tariffs to stop the Japanese.