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Aristotle's reference to unchangeability of conviction comes immediately after this comment and just before his rebuttal, in chapter 3, of those who present problems for demonstration.
Its `letter,' in its very unchangeability, is in some sense further determined by the significations that it has itself engendered.
It has effectively repudiated the manualists' general claims regarding the unchangeability of moral truth.
16 "But we can cognize nothing of the truth unless on the basis of first principles and intellectual light, which can manifest the truth only inasmuch as they are a likeness of that first truth - for as a result of this they also have a kind of unchangeability and infallibility"; St.
If we look back from the mature Christology of Ephesus and Chalcedon to the hymn of Philippians 2, and do so with the intention of not exaggerating its capacity for `dogmatic' assertiveness, we can hardly help registering a `plus factor' in its archaic language--stammering out the mystery as this does--to which the established formulae of the unchangeability of God do not really do justice.
To interpret the Symposium in terms of process philosophy is obviously problematic in view of the unchangeability inherent in the theory of Forms.