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The average interest rate on deposits from households with an agreed maturity of up to 1 year remained also unchanged at 0.
Regular Income Certificate to remain unchanged at 6.
The apex bank kept all benchmark rates unchanged at the Monetary Policy Committee's meeting on Thursday.
The apex bank kept the repo rate, or the interest that banks pay when they borrow money from the RBI to meet their short-term fund requirements, unchanged at 8 per cent.
The US Federal Reserve has decided to keep the interest rate unchanged while also reducing stimulus measures by USD ten billion per month, to reach USD 45 billion per month.
For the next quarter, most of the banks still expect credit standards for loans to enterprises to remain unchanged.
The scope for reforms can be calculated as the difference between cyclically adjusted net lending with unchanged rules in the final year and the target level of 1.
Food prices rose by five per cent in September, unchanged from August and up by 0.
In a statement the bank said that it has maintained its interest rate unchanged at 13.
According to the global leader in methanol production, Methanex, Methanol's non-discounted reference remained unchanged at $349/MT in August 2010.
A survey for ICM painted an almost identical picture, with the Conservatives on 33 per cent, unchanged from last week.
ComRes for ITV News and the Independent put the Conservatives on 32%, down two on yesterday, while the Lib Dems are up two on 31% and Labour unchanged on 28%.