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Eerik Dickinson, (55) Brown, and Berkey have all pointed to this, but too many works on Islam and Islamic thought see the hadith as a monument to the third and fourth centuries that, once in place, simply sits in the Islamic landscape unchangingly.
In 1909 the Zionist writer Max Nordau summarised the history of the Jews in Europe to that point in terms of their being regarded "constantly and unchangingly as foreigners [Fremde] .
Bust follows boom as unchangingly as night follows day.
It would be fallacious to regard this kind of society as being uniformly and unchangingly hostile to the welfare of women.
That the only-begotten from the Father is the one who is full of grace and truth means that it is one and the same person by whom deeds were carried out in time for us and for whom we are purified by faith in order that we may contemplate him unchangingly in eternity.
Despite the buildings' reliance on technology, materials, and skills, certain essentialism about these mosques continues to hold the space of Islam (or for that matter Muslim cultures) as fixed and presents it as either unchangingly distinct from the 'West' or identical everywhere in the 'East.
Yes, the unchangingly over-rated Premiership is back