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I HOPE it's not uncharitable to remember that last Christmas Eve she drank eleven cups of tea, and grumbled all the time.
I shall only add a word or two concerning my honest Popish clergyman, for let their opinion of us, and all other heretics in general, as they call us, be as uncharitable as it may, I verily believe this man was very sincere, and wished the good of all men: yet I believe he used reserve in many of his expressions, to prevent giving me offence; for I scarce heard him once call on the Blessed Virgin, or mention St.
Heaven forgive me the supposition, if it be an uncharitable one, but I do firmly and in my soul believe, that the man systematically tried for many years to break her heart; but she bore it all for her child's sake, and, however strange it may seem to many, for his father's too; for brute as he was, and cruelly as he had treated her, she had loved him once; and the recollection of what he had been to her, awakened feelings of forbearance and meekness under suffering in her bosom, to which all God's creatures, but women, are strangers.
Oh no; and not handsome,--that is, not very," said Lucy, half-penitent at this uncharitable remark.
Just ask a special needs pupil - oh, I nearly forgot, being uncharitable, I expect they don't even entertain them.
While Kharge refuted Swaraj's Thursday statement made before the Lok Sabha minus opposition point by point, the first spark was witnessed when the Congress party president Sonia Gandhi rushed to the Well of the House protesting an uncharitable comment of a ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmaker against her while Kharge spoke about black money amid loud opposition from the treasury benches.
OVER at The Graham Norton Show last Friday, Lewis Hamilton had this rather uncharitable response to the news Jack Whitehall has yet to pass his driving test: "How can a man not have a driving licence?
The tone of the first letter shifts tone from an exultant - "It's wonderful to think that you love me too"- to the bitter frustration of " when I think of you doing anything, anything at all, I feel so many hundreds of miles and days away from (you) that I want to lie down and howl like a dog at all the cruel, uncharitable things that muddle us up and won't let us be together"
But it is important to recognize that their economic prospects are not limited by rapacious employers unwilling to pay them more, or uncharitable consumers who refuse to pay more for goods and services.
New Hampshire sometimes gets a bad rap as being an uncharitable state, but a new Gallup survey has found just the opposite--that residents of the Granite State are among the most charitable in the country when it comes to parting with their time and money.
Uncharitable with Dan Pallotta will take place from 8:00-10:00am at the National Museum of American Jewish History, 101 South Independence Mall East, Philadelphia, PA.
The sudden unfamiliar incident made us fume on this raw unconventional protest that was unexpected and uncharitable," the bench said.