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On first impressions, the four objects within may look rather unpromising: each of them is fragmentary, and all have surfaces that are worn and pared ('as if they had been in the bath too long', as one friend uncharitably put it).
En route to her charitable deed, however, Emma uncharitably disparages Miss Bates as the subject of poverty crosses Emma's mind in an unsentimental way; she aphorizes, "it is poverty only which makes celibacy contemptible to a generous public
The absence of a language barrier between English-speaking Canada and the US makes the assertion of what Freud, in a different context, uncharitably called "the narcissism of small differences" all the more urgent when Canadian fissures seem to widen.
In (S1) Anselm uncharitably attributes this inference to Gaunilo:
Well, let's look at it charitably and uncharitably.
The 49-year-old is aware some critics are now uncharitably branding Murray the Monty of tennis - but reckons those who think that way know nothing of the pressure that comes with competing at the highest level.
The accusation, for example, that the God of the Bible is morally corrupt because he commanded genocide, rips the biblical story out of its historical context and uncharitably ignores how Christians actually interpret their text.
Bishop of Birmingham David Urquhart speaking at the Be Birmingham conference, with Coun Paul Tilsley listening in Picture: Richard Battye A senior Labour figure recently uncharitably described Be Birmingham as a "gathering of the living dead".
Wallace and John Torode, who must have the best jobs in - what some uncharitably claim to be - the bloated BBC.
Welsh rural cottages, uncharitably referred to by one English observer as resembling "great blots of cow turd" on the landscape, were often basic at best, and squalid at worst.
The town council of Valley Park has spent over a quarter of a million dollars of its taxpayers' money to defend an ordinance that has no tangible benefit, and inflicts pain and misery uncharitably on immigrant families.
It might uncharitably he said to bury its lead, however: on paleographic grounds, chapter eight demonstrates that in one early manuscript (BNF 328a, which, written in the "Hijazi" script, appears to belong to the late first century), Q 4:12 shows signs of erasure and replacement, the change coming at the hand of an early Marwanid scribe: a putative *kalla was exchanged for kala1a.