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Soon Bob will cross paths with the equally damaged Nadia (Rapace), her uncharming ex-boyfriend Eric Deeds (Schoenaerts) and a gang of hardened Chechen criminals.
The same goes for the grass on outside shopping malls, and elsewhere - add up all the water that goes into these entirely uncharming pieces of turf each day and you can probably fill a Dubai Aquarium - or 10.
The Panther claims that "conscience, conscience wou'd not let [Henry VIII] rest" until "old, uncharming Catherine [of Aragon] was remov'd" (III, 207, 209).
The only thing that would make me like this even less would be a cameo from the similarly uncharming non-comic Rob Schneider.
Pepys rattles on forever about the meanness of Penn's table--"a bad, nasty supper," "deadly foul" dishes--and the slatternliness of his household, the plainness of his ancient wife and of his deeply uncharming daughter--"ugly she is as heart could wish," which does not, however prevent him from fondling her--yet he is detached enough to recognize Penn as "the ablest man in England" to take over the job of Navy Comptroller, should the position become vacant.
Unlike Mansfield's essay, however, it is decidedly uncharming and offers no insights into interesting or important works of political thought.
The president told the businessmen that instead of faulting her for her failure to inspire or to lead, her critics and supporters should view her as the uncharming, hard-working person that she had always been.
First of all, Klamath River was a full hour away from a rather uncharming town, in my opinion.
Part of the allure of this high-spirited,(1) chatty, often personal,(2) but otherwise uncharming book is that the author acknowledges such ironies.