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We are going to have GoPro cameras with us so that we can do some selfreporting and the guys from Unchartered will see us off on the first day and then meet us at Calais to follow us from there.
And monetary policy continues to sail in the unchartered waters of the post-Great Recession.
We're going into a different world unchartered, and like it or not, what people can do or governments can do is different, and you can to some extent control, but you can't keep the tides from coming in.
For those of you have tried strumming the SS series of guitars named after him, you would want to pick up this album as it " explores unchartered waters.
Calling for change, Dr Ball said: "The first and obvious and simple thing to do is to cut taxation - but the problem is the country is in unchartered waters.
Ashraf is almost an unknown commodity to Beijing and he would be the first Pakistani PM since the Nawaz Sharif regime in the 1990s to be in that unchartered area with respect to China.
Although commonplace in England and the Republic of Ireland - who boast the Aviva Stadium - it is unchartered water in the north, although Ulster Rugby have also insisted they are likely to go down a similar avenue with Ravenhill.
He lies fourth on the greens in regulations statistics and will approach the unchartered track in Spain this week without any fear.
30AM: Donncha O'Callaghan admits the fear of returning home at this stage of the World Cup fuels his desire to ensure Ireland enter unchartered territory.
The new technology allows LEDs to work effectively in the unchartered territory of higher wattages that are far beyond anything available from any other company in the world," said Ir Ooi Seoh Lin, chief marketing officer of ecoNoon.
fly fishermen once dreamed of unchartered Atlantic salmon fisheries in the one-time Soviet Socialist Republics.
Secondly, it could be a sign that the economy is heading back into a second period of contraction which will be unchartered water where the consulting industry is concerned.