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One of the new facilities, which will produce finished dosage forms for the Indian market - will be built at an as vet unchosen site in Sikkim.
5, 18 (2003) ("[I]n any ordinary sense of 'voluntary,' people's voluntary choices are routinely influenced by unchosen features of their personalities, temperaments, and the social contexts in which they find themselves.
Quietism teaches us to turn away from injustice or to accept it as an inevitable feature of life that happens to the deviant, the disobedient, and the unchosen.
of willing or deciding closes off other possible, though unchosen paths:
But talk therapy is of less direct use to our survival brain, since the actions that it drives are often unchosen and without conscious thought.
Drivers will likely not know what data is being pulled from the operating vehicle and transmitted to unknown and unchosen recipients by the Mobility Application.
The evening will include three short UNCHOSEN films telling the stories of people trafficked for domestic labour, prostitution and to look after a cannabis farm.
The effects of caste or sex on opportunity seem unfair in part because these variables are unchosen demographic facts about a person, whereas a test might instead reflect efforts for which we are responsible.
There must therefore be cases in which the identity of the unchosen alternative cannot rationally factor into one's preference.
The novel regards the Okanagan with a deep respect but also with a fearlessness that comes from a traumatic attachment, an unchosen bond that defaces as much as it brings it into razor-sharp focus, recognizing that every effort to see something as it is entails acts of framing that exclude and regulate what we can see.