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3) Collecting his books "in tyme of the lamentable spoyle of the lybraryes of Englande," Bale amassed his library--in contrast to the Sellengers' deceit--"through muche fryndeshypp, labour, and expenses," and it included books he had recovered "in stacyoners and boke bynders store howses, some in grosers, sopesellars, taylers, and other occupyers shoppes, some in shyppes ready to be carryed over sea into Flaunders to be solde--for in those uncircumspect and carelesse dayes, there was no quyckar merchaundyce than lybrary bokes.
It was the beginning of the Reagan Epoch, an epoch that was fundamentally grounded on a rather uncircumspect need to understand one's place in the order of things and which, in large measure, continues to the present day.
The recipient's status as a miser excuses, rationalizes, or possibly constructs miserliness in the reader, who understands himself as a foil for the uncircumspect "beneficent disposition.