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Dost think, because you have seen some great ladies rude and uncivil to persons below them, that none of them know how to behave themselves when they come before their inferiors?
Notwithstanding this uncivil exhortation, Miggs gladly did as she was required; and told him how that their young mistress, being alone in the meadows after dark, had been attacked by three or four tall men, who would have certainly borne her away and perhaps murdered her, but for the timely arrival of Joseph Willet, who with his own single hand put them all to flight, and rescued her; to the lasting admiration of his fellow-creatures generally, and to the eternal love and gratitude of Dolly Varden.
Buffeted in this inexcusably uncivil way on one cheek, the Count, like a practical Christian, immediately turned the other, and said, in the sweetest manner, "Good-morning, Mr.
The highest percentage of engaged employees is always the group that never experiences any of the four uncivil behaviors.
In Uncivil Wars: Collaborating with Brecht & Eisler, premiering at The Kitchen Dec.
Rob Boston's article, "Civil Religion, Uncivil Strife," (May Church & State) rang a fine bell for me.
The declaration also called on politicians to refrain from intemperate and uncivil language, and advised Nigerians to vote according to their consciences in the coming elections when Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo stepped down after eight years in power.
27) There is nothing remotely uncivil about Part II, which argues with her two principal theses, and very little that could be thought uncivil about Part I, which summarizes the book.
Tingley dispenses specific advice for how to deal with some common types of the modern parent, such as "The Uncivil Libertarian," "The Intimidator," and "The Caped Crusader.
The Uncivil War: Irregular Warfare in the Upper South, 1861-1865.
The three sides of this triangle are, first, the destructive dynamic brought on by the Western-dominated global military order, the legacy of post-Cold War proliferation of nuclear weapons, and the arms trade; second, failed states and uncivil wars; and third, the explosive threat posed by "apocalyptic global terrorism" (p.