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constructed India, government would terror the The serve to the uncivilised are condemned Parkash '
There are various charitable organisations in Qatar that would never turn away the needy as officials in charge have reiterated on various occasions, and the practice of begging is totally rejected by the whole society as uncivilised and that it reflects a false and negative image.
The Gujarat government's claim (on flood relief) is uncivilised and against Indian culture.
They highlighted people's liberties in democracy and openness prevalent in the era of His Majesty King Hamad, slamming any expression of opinion through uncivilised means, warning against its detrimental impact on vital national interests.
This is not a country club but life here is not uncivilised and has its entertaining moments" Lord Black, former owner of The Telegraph newspaper who is serving a prison sentence in the USA, in a message to The Spectator magazine "There are a lot of women in my life.
99) THE book explains how the sport evolved from a brutal and uncivilised beginning, while explaining why it is impossible to credit football with one single creator or a clear date of creation.
ACCORDING to an opinion poll, pyjamas-wearing is the most uncivilised thing about life in Shanghai.
Can we call ourselves civilised, supporting and using such outrageously crude and uncivilised methods in the name of peace and democracy?
The pledge states that as the web develops quickly, unhealthy news and uncivilised voice services such as pornographic content, are transmitted by certain sites, which can harm society.
And it came to her that there were two Australians even yet, the civilised and the uncivilised, the white and tire black, the modern and the pure Stone Age, and that in this northern land were not only the survivors of the dead past, but also the drifting flotsam and jetsam of white civilisation.
I am strongly in favour of using [it] against uncivilised tribes.
Interviews with 22 councillors conducted by MORI uncovered widespread concern about political point-scoring and rudeness combined with an intimidating and uncivilised atmosphere in the council chamber