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The memorial will serve as a reminder to the rulers the future that uncivilised deeds are always condemned by society.
There are various charitable organisations in Qatar that would never turn away the needy as officials in charge have reiterated on various occasions, and the practice of begging is totally rejected by the whole society as uncivilised and that it reflects a false and negative image.
And it came to her that there were two Australians even yet, the civilised and the uncivilised, the white and tire black, the modern and the pure Stone Age, and that in this northern land were not only the survivors of the dead past, but also the drifting flotsam and jetsam of white civilisation.
Interviews with 22 councillors conducted by MORI uncovered widespread concern about political point-scoring and rudeness combined with an intimidating and uncivilised atmosphere in the council chamber
Scrutiny of the overall pattern of crime and social disorder across the northeastern landscape reveals that it was blatantly at odds with the wild and uncivilised reputation of its people.
Award-winning film authority Jack G Shaheen documents the tendency to portray Muslim Arabs as Public Enemy Number One -- brutal, heartless, uncivilised "Others" bent on terrorising civilised westerners.
For the uninitiated, hurling is the fastest stick game in the world-a fantastic spectacle of tremendous skill and far too good to be wasted on the uncivilised English in the opinion of Post editor Alan Byrne, who is among those without a ticket.
In this area, we can show nothing in this issue as inspiring and inventive as Ralph Erskine's Stockholm bus station (AR December 1989), which unites in a memorably successful place two normally uncivilised building types: the greasy and windy bus station and the anonymous, dreary speculative office block.
This act of political vandalism is senseless, uncivilised and underlines this group's actions as rash, irrational and contrary to all norms of acceptable behaviour.
The world over I read many who say and view Islam as being outdated and not keeping up with the times and those that follow it are now seen as uncivilised.
CPI( M) Politburo member Brinda Karat said the self- declared ' baba' had made uncivilised statement that demeaned and insulted Dalit women.
Is Cardiff so uncivilised that it cannot value its own small team of hard-working public librarians?