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If you go to a railway station and ask a porter a question and he answers uncivilly, you would report him; and Mr Strickland was in the same position as any other public servant': Coranderrk Aboriginal Station, pp.
Many people see a lawyer on television acting uncivilly and winning," Hilliker said.
Significantly more parents this year report transferring a child to a different school because they were treated uncivilly (19 percent vs.
If it were justified to act uncivilly because our opponent did, then we could often justify incivility.
I'm willing to bet a lot of money that even if Price is the most altruistic person ever, those skaters had been treated uncivilly in the past and were reacting with instinct.
About two-thirds of Americans (67 percent) reported that in the past they had decided against voting for a certain candidate because he or she acted uncivilly.