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The bra, which unhooks only after sensing an instant boost of love-filled excitement, sends the body's functions as a signal to the app, which then determines if the "true love rate" is enough to unclasp it.
In the former, a pair of white-gloved conjuror's hands repeatedly clasp and unclasp, each motion revealing a new object, image, or effect that hovers in space until replaced by the next in a seemingly endless sequence.
At one point quite early on Ammons imagines leaves "mellowed at the pedicel, ready to unclasp to zephyrs," and this delightful line, and especially, perhaps, the word "zephyrs," then seems to prompt him to reflect on what it implies: .
Scrap that, he'd probably be down in the gutter with us, still trying to unclasp his belt buckle.
The dimming light in your eyes/showed Hell's grasp, weakening,/I saw the devil's hand unclasp to loose you/from your chains.
Unclasp hands but hold palms together with fingers pointing down.
The spirit also told him that no one would be able to unclasp his hands holding the ginger.
Without ever having to unclasp the seatbelt, owners can access high speed Internet, 3G wireless technology, satellite TV and radio, iPods and Blu-ray players, plus the air conditioning and heating, privacy dividers, aircraft-like LED lighting, electric aviation blinds, seat and foot rest controls and automated side entry door.
The cage can unclasp and open for immediate access to the hose and torch, which allows for a speedy setup and easy use.