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Several Midwestern states are reportedly among those that filed for unclassifiable designations.
The Los Angeles-based artist has likewise maintained an unclassifiable place within the Pictures generation, departing from his postmodern peers in his exploration of formal abstraction and photographic craft.
Unclassifiable in genre (and equally hard to describe, though we'll try), this epic novel of more than 700 pages blends stories within stories, Spanish and Mexican myths, and magical realism, while asking existential (and ultimately unanswerable) questions.
Steve Sandberg, director of Cinema 320 in Worcester, said, "One of those unclassifiable pictures.
On Saturday the main stage boasts the amazing and unclassifiable Matthew Herbert Big Band, jazz trumpeter Matthew Halsall and the nonagenarian Andy Hamilton with his Blue Notes, while there is a second smaller stage programmed by Birmingham Jazz and featuring some of the fine young bands from this city.
Seven cases were classified as B-cell lymphoma, unclassifiable, with features intermediate between diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and BL.
Like many of the best artists, perhaps he's ultimately unclassifiable in the impoverished terms of contemporary political debate.
Traditional ngoni sounds blend with guitars, vocals and those infectious African rhythms to make for another unclassifiable stew of sounds.
In the Republicain Lorraine newspaper, Philippe Waucampt wrote that the "little Afro-American became a sort of alien between white and black, between young and old, as unclassifiable, universal and kitsch as his music.
The diagnosis of myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative disease, unclassifiable was based on bone marrow aspiration and biopsy examination (hypercellularity and marked myeloid hyperplasia with maturation), molecular study (bcr/abl gene fusion negativity), and laboratory and clinical findings (refractory anemia, leukocytosis, absence of monocytosis and hepatosplenomegaly, and no history of recent cytotoxic or growth factor therapy).
The folk-rock band broke all conventions in the late 1960s by coming up with a music which was defiantly unclassifiable.
Jacobs-Strain is the local blues prodigy who's now a nationally touring technician of music so unclassifiable that a great deal of effort went into finding the right way to release "Liar's Day.