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We tested the effectiveness of our patch by applying it to the estimated universe of all ED visits in the United States described above and performed McNemar's test to determine whether the updated algorithm yields a statistically significant improvement in the rate of unclassified visits over time.
A motion was backed which called for Cabinet to amend its approach so District Committees will be given a final say over which unclassified roads should receive investment.
And blocking access to the WikiLeaks' material diminishes our need to go through the labor and resource-intensive process of cleaning unclassified machines that have been compromised with classified materials," she added.
Refer to Assistant Secretary of Defense (ASD) Memo "Disposition of Unclassified DoD Computer Hard Drives," dated June 4, 2001, which provides specific instructions on how to dispose of hard drives in the DoD.
If CUI describes unclassified information to which access or distribution controls have been applied pursuant to laws, than what is the lawful authority?
LANL has implemented measures to enhance its information security, but weaknesses remain in protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information on its unclassified network.
Own-government groups also have criticized the confusing categorization of sensitive information because they say it prevents proper disclosure of unclassified data.
Nine offences related to the possession for supply video recordings of unclassified works.
Return to the A3400 and turn south before branching left on to the A361, then left in Bloxham along unclassified roads to Broughton (4).
Join the A604 south for a short way, then take unclassified roads on the right via Wethersfield, then right on to the B1053 to the popular Finchingfield (4) and on to Great Sampford before turning left on the B1051 to Thaxted (5).
The report added that "a significant number of records that were withdrawn had actually been created as unclassified documents but were subsequently classified by CIA at the time of re-review (often 50 years later) solely because they contained the name of a CIA official in the list of individuals provided a copy.