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storage conditions, sun exposure, and uncleanliness of receptacles and
20) Opposed to the confusion, overcrowdedness, and uncleanliness of the town cemetery--like the overcrowded confusion of voices in the commercial print market--Wordsworth's "Essays" advocate the seclusion of the individual monument or rural churchyard, where the reader can engage in a sustained act of solitary reading and reflection.
2007): Using uncleanliness to predict future botnet addresses, ACM SIGCOMM Conference on Internet Measurement (IMC), pp.
For instance, in a comment on 33:33, God wishes to keep uncleanliness away from you, People of the [Prophet's] House, and to purify you thoroughly, which in Sunni tradition is said to apply to all of the Prophet's household, including his wives, the translator has it on the authority of al-Mizan that what is meant here by the "Gente de la Casa" are exclusively the twelve Imams.
It was a culture that believed the poor were unemployed because they were lazy; that children were born out of wedlock because their parents were wicked; that drunkenness and depression were lifestyle choices; that disease and uncleanliness were the products of immorality not poverty; and that the state should not interfere with the rights of private property and finance.
I know I am allowed no contact with a woman who's in her period of menstrual uncleanliness (Lev.
Ill-smelling clothes and the general uncleanliness of some black riders highlighted the potential threat of spreading disease--tuberculosis (TB) in particular--through close personal contact.
The hospital was well over 100 years old, but neither this nor the falling bombs - one of which killed a colleague in an outhouse - were an excuse for sloppy work or uncleanliness.
We see in Burnaby's and Grant's accounts ideas that Aboriginal people had a "natural" tolerance for dirt and uncleanliness, as well as harsh adjudications on their morality and comportment.
In a curious way, it made him feel childlike to be so set apart and he had a renewed understanding of those children who were sometimes excluded by their fellows because of the uncleanliness of their appearance.
Jesus reviled his fellow Jews further, accusing them of laziness, oppressiveness, false piety, vanity, uncleanliness, and hypocrisy.
She gave the whole school a clean bill of health, there being no cases found of vermin or uncleanliness.