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For example, because the loan proceeds from the nonrecourse lender are required to be invested in the CDE as equity, it is unclear whether the lender can take a direct collateral position in the underlying assets of the low-income community business or project.
Whether there will be a general demand for vaccination after an outbreak is unclear although state and local public health professionals are planning for mass vaccination clinics in order to be prepared to meet the demand.
It is also unclear how to treat a division of unvested stock options, both statutory and non-statutory.
2) That same year, Kobayashi et al reported on five women who developed transient thyrotoxicosis following needle aspiration of thyroid cysts, which they called postaspiration thyrotoxicosis; the mechanism was unclear.
Moreover, apoE-IV appears to be a bad actor in Alzheimer's disease, although the mechanism for that is unclear (SN: 5/18/96, p.
These broad permissions are considered morally problematic because it is unclear how participants could be fully informed about such a wide range of potential research uses (28).
It was unclear if the incident was the same as that reported by Macedonian authorities.
It remains unclear how continued attachment to local places would have influenced late twentieth-century urban development, or, as von Hoffman seems to imply, helped contain the extraordinary pressures exerted by divisions of race, class and ethnicity.
It is unclear whether the 10-year period is defined in terms of months or tax years.
The motive for the shootings is still unclear and it is also unclear if the victims knew each other or if they knew the gunman.
They linked the failure of these investments to berth in the oil industry to poor or unclear investment case for investors, unclear subsidy rules, misalignment between and within the sector, unfavourable access to capital market, poor enforcement of rules and regulations, unrealistic targets, and unclear/overlapping roles within the oil industry.