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If Student stated her argument unclearly, she cannot plausibly claim that Professor got it wrong.
This is a highly interesting study, but unfortunately very difficult and somewhat unclearly written.
Clearly - or rather, unclearly - someone, somewhere, is telling porkies.
None of the evaluators found the four components evaluated to be very unclearly communicated.
His preface affirms the cento genre's function as an unclearly primary and secondary form, even as literary criticism: Wordsworth judges Beattie's stanza as "finer" than Akenside's and, in appropriating these "favourite passages" from all three authors, in this way promotes them, activating the cento's canon-forming function in both private and public terms.
When Mrs Watkin went to his office and asked if he was all right, he was telling jokes, being "too familiar" and speaking unclearly, and said he was taking "too strong" tablets for hip pain.
The form of assessment in three of the schools was unclearly reported ("other"; "none" & "other"; a "survey").
In a specific case, the issue of road structure and infrastructure management is coming up when the road border between Yogyakarta, Sleman and Bantul is unclearly defined.
To boot, Bulgaria and Russia are in a dispute over the price of the whole project, with the Bulgarian party arguing it is excessively high and unclearly formed.
200) A statute is unconstitutionally vague if the conduct forbidden by it is so unclearly defined that a reasonable person would need to guess at its meaning.
Therefore, basing representation on unclearly defined regions, and with overlapping constituencies, is yet another way of sowing divisions within the Northern sector (and this is what eventually transpired), the latter being the underlying reason for refusing to endorse the proposal.