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In the individuals with acini, the povlg1 -positive cells in the acini had a nucleus weakly and unclearly stained with hematoxylin in H&E-stained adjacent sections (Fig.
All conjectures in science are indeterminate at the beginning (researchers not knowing if they are true or false), and later they are proved as being either true, or false, or indeterminate in the case they were unclearly formulated.
It could be that leaving so many steps unclearly depicted could limit the educational effectivity of the show's modes of presentation.
If any of the above information is missing, or has been reported unclearly, the material will not be sent.
Actually, stuff is when you see something unclearly or out of focus, fuzzy" (p.
The court acknowledged that that term has been inconsistently and somewhat unclearly used, both in United Kingdom law, and more broadly in international law.
The Tenth Circuit made reassignment, not consideration of reassignment, a mandatory accommodation, but with specific categorical limitations, including an unclearly defined "reasonableness" requirement.
The chapter's concluding turn to Susan Fenimore Cooper's Rural Hours (1850) and Terry Tempest Williams's Refuge (1992) as examples of a feminine "tradition of domestic nature writing" (220) is, however, one of the less successful tracings of a literary genealogy in the book; the readings of these two disparate authors are far too brief and unclearly justified to stand in for an entire "tradition.
Stockman, Karasinski, and Guillory (2008) defined conversational repairs as "communicative acts that make unclearly communicated messages better understood.
Problems include signature errors, unclearly marked ballots, and possible "overvotes," where a scanner spits out a ballot on which it appears the voter has cast a vote for more than one candidate.