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According to Proposition 12, [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE IV OMITTED] the sportsman effect should be uncloaked in the market period prior to each of these transfers, with the possible exceptions of partnership buyouts and sales involving public-private consortia.
In the face of uncloaked public hostility, the court's judges exhibited extraordinary courage and became the stuff of judicial legend--powerful symbols of federal courts' ability to ensure that right prevailed for those without political might on their side.
The other Note 4 SM-910S has a quad-core Qualcomm engine, specifically the Snapdragon 805 that Samsung will also use on the recently uncloaked Galaxy S5 LTE-A, otherwise known as the Galaxy S5 Prime.
And their manager Mick McCarthy would be uncloaked as a man lacking moral fibre.
At one point, as the first family marched toward the inaugural reviewing stand, Chelsea literally uncloaked herself, shedding her ankle-length coat to reveal a matching miniskirt underneath.
Now they're uncloaked, blasted by fierce winds and ionizing radiation.
When the Galaxy S5 was finally uncloaked at the MWC 2014 in February, it was revealed that the power behind the device is a quad-core Snapdragon chip that spins at top-speed of 2.