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At Columbia, plans are under way for a third trial, this one using a liquid solution containing the beta-emitting rhenium-188, which is pumped to the balloon catheter as soon as an artery is unclogged.
Coronary artery bypass is done when blood flow to the heart is impaired because of blocked vessels that can't be unclogged through drugs, mechanical scraping or the use of a stent to hold an obstructed artery open.
They say they'll order an angioplasty to have their arteries unclogged for dessert.
A new study offers evidence that one-shot artery irradiation dramatically decreases the chance that newly unclogged vessels will become congested again.
In addition, Likhterman said, RF Express for MFG/PRO allowed Thibiant to analyze internal processes -- a factor that smoothed out inefficiencies and permanently unclogged the 1,500 per-day transaction backlog.
Crews unclogged drains and began constructing seven miles of sand berms to guard parking lots, lifeguard towers and buildings.
The double-drug infusion unclogged all seven arteries within about 30 minutes, the team reported last November at the American Heart Association's scientific sessions in Dallas.