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My defense of multiculturalism and minority rights is grounded on tolerating "cultural diversity" and promoting "geo-cultural identity" by an uncoerced integration.
People must have access to information and be able to protest and freely criticise the government and others in order to make informed uncoerced choices and intervene in the decision making process.
permitting shareholders to accept uncoerced shareholders in the face of
State, which had concluded as part of its interpretation of the Act that "an innocent criminal defendant may cause or bring about his or her own conviction by making an uncoerced false confession of guilt that is presented to the jury at trial.
It is a sin to spy on someone else, and if you want to accuse someone of a crime, you need to have four eyewitnesses or an uncoerced confession.
Turks, Jews, Pagans--all were responsible only to God for their religious beliefs, and all must be free to make uncoerced choices.
73) More pointedly, the Berghuis Court acknowledged that the constitutional prophylaxis of merely informing a suspect of his or her rights is not enough: "If the State establishes that a Miranda warning was given and the accused made an uncoerced statement, this showing, standing alone, is insufficient to demonstrate 'a valid waiver' of Miranda rights.
This claim will be granted by almost all compatibilists (and many libertarians too); nevertheless, they will point to the fact that some of these actions are uncoerced intelligent responses to the environment--that is, meet the conditions for Waller freedom--and ask why isn't this fact sufficient to render the agent morally responsible?
First, individuals must be free to make uncoerced choices subject only to the rule of law.
145) Thus, in third-party consent cases "where the intimacy of the relationship between the consenter and the defendant renders betrayal of the defendant's interests unlikely, courts should take care to assure themselves that the consent was uncoerced.
They have earned the right to be free and uncoerced because they govern themselves.
17 And still the story of "Phuong's interests"--her desire--remains uncoerced and unverihahle.