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Our advice would be to ensure the leads are fully uncoiled to prevent overheating," he said.
The lower the crystallinity, the lower the number of tie molecules and the higher the quantity of amorphous molecules that can undergo slip remaining uncoiled and stressed.
Camelbeach uncoiled Triple Venom in 2003 where visitors enter a snake pit with three different six-story drops providing maximum speed and three unique rides known as the triple-dipping Serpent, the translucent Viper and the pitch black Cobra.
Mere seconds later he uncoiled, spinning and bounding away, loudly whooshing as he fled.
goaded The Champ, with an ice-cold grin that he slowly uncoiled like a left hook.
And every strand of DNA in every cell of your body is nearly two meters long, uncoiled.
When I was a civil servant I recall sitting in the official box (which is referred to as 'The Space to the Right of the Throne' and which is much too close to their Lordships for comfort) during a rather technical debate, and the dismay I felt when a long grey figure uncoiled itself from the cross-benches and I realised that we were about to be addressed by a Nobel Laureate, an FRS and a Professor Emeritus.
FreePlay has announced that it will offer an upgraded radio, the FPR3, which will throw a rechargeable battery into the mix, allowing the radio to continue playing even after the spring has completely uncoiled.
It was a town of machinery and tall chimneys, out of which interminable serpents of smoke trailed for ever and ever and never got uncoiled.
The quiet juxtaposition of passion and protest eventually strikes a social note of tension, one that is couched as in the reserve energies of an uncoiled spring.
Advanced lubricious hydrophilic coating now available, designed to enhance maneuverability of metal guidewires, uncoiled and coiled, in minimally invasive procedures
A fire service spokesman said the cause of the blaze in the bedroom is understood to have been an uncoiled extension lead, fitted to an oil-fired heater, which overheated.