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But, more than a week after Christmas, lots of roads still have full uncollected bins.
Other authorities write off uncollected debt relatively quickly so their collection figures look better - but this means they will never get that money back.
Tarbert also said just because there is an exception in Bar rules that allows lawyers to make disbursements against some uncollected funds, "doesn't mean that you should, because you are doing so at your own risk and you are not required to do so.
The NGCP was likewise directed to execute MOA with the concerned DU in regard to the amortization of uncollected connection charges and residual sub-transmission charges," the ERC has stipulated in its hearing notice to stakeholders.
There is a clear upward trend of uncollected VAT as a result of tax evasion," Dimitrov explained.
Across Wales, the amount of uncollected council tax amounted to PS85m, equivalent to some PS64 per household.
Uncollected taxes amount to roughly 2,000 euro per EU citizen per year.
If both grey and green bins have been due and are uncollected, then householders may leave both out.
5 percent of its entire general fund will be lost to uncollected bills, it's making changes to limit those losses.
The switch comes after a deal was struck earlier this year in response to the state's claims that Amazon owed millions of dollars in uncollected sales tax.
What we are talking about here is unpaid council tax, not uncollected, and there is a real difference.
3 million in uncollected arrears and pounds 5 million uncollected in-year Council Tax, which means that the arrears figure carried forward into 2011/2012 for this city is pounds 12.