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To make matters worse, it's all beginning to smell and rot in this hot weather and I cannot help but think that Birmingham City Council have lost all pride in their wonderful city Even in our street, the council failed to collect some paid-for garden waste last Friday, so that's all still sitting, uncollected, on our pavement and, try as I may by sending online requests via the council website, it just sits there uncollected.
It is annoying that the media don't differentiate between the two and council tax is the only tax ever referred to as uncollected not unpaid.
The minister said that he had met with the Labour Minister on Thursday to receive information about uncollected social insurance contributions and would meet all other relevant bodies to get more information.
This volume includes two dozen previously uncollected essays and articles by Malcolm Muggeridge, a premier British journalist, satirist, and TV personality during the 20th century.
com Inc said in a filing on Friday that the state sent the company an assessment in September for uncollected sales taxes from December 2005 to December 2009, including interest and penalties.
Some cards have been lying with Empost since 2008 and all uncollected cards will be destroyed after a deadline [August 31] for security reasons," Dr Ali Al Khoury, Acting General Manager of Emirates Identity Authority (Eida), said.
A year ago, ELEM launched a court procedure against EVN of Austria demanding of it to pay 200 million euros based on uncollected electricity bills.
5 billion in uncollected bills from the Dubai government and its corporations as of the end of October, reported the AFP, citing the Nikkei business daily.
The Government, EVN and ELEM refuse to comment on the decision of the Court of Appeal that the trial be repeated at the Basic Court, whose initial ruling was that EVN should pay ELEM 200 million euros in uncollected claims from consumers accrued from 1995 to 2004.
7 million worth of uncollected deposits in 2005, the most recent year for which figures are available.
Even with all this money being thrown at the problem, much waste still lies uncollected, to the delight of seagulls and rats.
BILLIONS of pounds is being lost through tax evasion and uncollected money at a time when thousands of revenue and customs jobs are being cut, a leading union complained today.