uncollectible debt

See: bad debt
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About TRMA Based in Roseland, New Jersey, The Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) is an industry forum for telecommunications risk management professionals to cooperate, understand, and share best practices related to uncollectible debt issues among its members.
Policymakers chose not to enforce a capitalist liquidation of uncollectible debt and malinvestment in the financial/banking sector, but to "extend and pretend" the sector's insolvency in the hope that assets such as real estate would climb back up in value and relieve the sector from the pain of business-cycle losses.
As a result, US banks have been forced to charge off large amounts of uncollectible debt that consumers could not afford to repay.
17, the feared spike in credit card charge-offs -- uncollectible debt -- has not materialized.
According to the brewery, the tough numbers were the result of some unforeseen expenses, including the bankruptcy of a distributor, which left the brewery with some uncollectible debt.
Companies Are Turning to Risk Modeling to Curb Uncollectible Debt
2 billion in uncollectible debt and sagging trading gains.
Shareholders sued the firm after the corporation's stock plummeted in September 1991 with the announcement of a major drop in earnings attributed to $37 million in uncollectible debt.
Some lenders, faced with higher levels of uncollectible debt, are warning of lower profits for the fourth quarter.
SoundBite Communications, a leading provider of hosted, automated customer contact solutions, today announced it has been accepted as a Vendor Affiliate of the Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA), an organization dedicated to reducing consumer and small-business uncollectible debt in the telecommunications industry.
Alabama's bad debt deduction is only available to retailers that extend credit to the customers, own the credit accounts, and deduct the uncollectible debt for federal income tax purposes.
The Telecommunications Risk Management Association (TRMA) was formed in 1997 by telecommunications industry executives to explore cooperative efforts to reduce uncollectible debt from consumers and small business.