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In ant colony coloring algorithm, new colored points are selected randomly and dynamically in a reversed order according to coloring progress and degrees of points adjacent to uncolored points in order to equip the algorithm with strong ability to search overall optimal solutions.
Observe that each uncolored vertex in F appears in exactly one trunk in R(F), and each colored vertex in F of degree d will appear in exactly d trunks of R(F).
The uncolored samples were manufactured into rectangular plaques (15 x 7.
Let us consider the plane of any uncolored planar map as which consists of two kinds of longitudinal straight linear segments according to a strip of a kind alternating a strip of another, and each strip of a kind is composed of a black point * alternating a white point o, and each strip of another kind is composed of a red point [R] alternating a celeste point [c].
Table 4 Mean Desire, Hedonic, Disgust and Refreshing Ratings (and SDs) for the Colored Stimuli When Presented to the Thirsty and Control Groups Group Stimulus Rating Uncolored Light gray Dark gray M SD M SD M SD Thirsty Desire 6.
It delivers a musical experience of the highest quality, and does so in a manner that allows anyone in the room, sitting or standing, to revel in its rich, uncolored sound.
An example of "interactive" is a shower curtain drawn with outlined patterns but left uncolored.
Once the leather pieces are prepared, they are fitted on to of the uncolored, untextured IP.
On average, the iron oxide-colored samples had leached about 25 percent less arsenic than the uncolored samples did.
Spills or stains on ColorShield products are lightly blotted with a damp, clean, uncolored cloth to remove the spill and leave the color and pattern intact.
The most remarkable of these was the ivory tablet now found set in the cover of the Pericopes of Henry II (eleventh century), the uncolored, pen and ink drawings in the Utrecht Psalter, and the Crucifixion miniature in the Drogo Sacramentary, probably prepared for the use of Bishop Drogo of Metz (d.