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I started with nothing except for this uncomfortableness that I had within myself that I had to deal with, my own experiences," said Brunette.
Fennell is a public writer who shows an uncomfortableness with fashionable concepts, including progress.
He wants to engender uncomfortableness with his audience.
I mean, there was no uncomfortableness, and I think that's because Melissa and I took such careful, careful steps.
This uncomfortableness with the intermediate status of Neanderthals is reflected in the attitudes of the fully modern humans in Auel's subsequent Earth's Children series.
The 2001 DISAM visit had met with both student and instructor uncomfortableness due to the high June 2001 temperatures.
There was a strong academic belief that the truth about the benefits of the Land Rights Act and the problems with the proposed Reeves Model should be exposed, but also an uncomfortableness about overcommitting scarce research resources just to the Northern Territory and to an issue that ultimately might be decided by political expediency rather than rigorous scholarship.
A: The uncomfortableness I have from the book is it's not art; it's vomiting (she chuckles).
But his uncomfortableness at taking penalties surfaced again this season when he missed the deciding one for Villa in a Worthington Cup-tie with West Ham at Upton Park.
The result is negative academic self-concept, low self-dynamism, an unmet need for self-expression and creativity, social awkwardness, and uncomfortableness with school.
Perhaps the analogue raises too greatly expectations of elegant fit, but the unresolved way in which the brick elements crash into the sloping outer curve of glass is clumsy, and this uncomfortableness is echoed elsewhere in the detailing.