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It's not something I ever did when I was in the UK, but here in the UAE it seems more accepted for men to do this and the service culture removes the embarrassment and uncomfortableness from the experience.
While we need to be careful not to oversimplify Gunning's attraction as being synonymous with shock or uncomfortableness, these aesthetics are very much a part of the cinema of attractions and work to produce an "exhibitionist confrontation rather than diegetic absorption.
Regardless of it's uncomfortableness, hot yoga is Mulhall's forte.
In chapter 5 Mansfield explains his uncomfortableness with the a-causal behavior of the quantum world.
It had two subordinate themes, namely Uncomfortableness that illustrated the internal conflict experienced by the health professionals and Splitting of the Team that represented the conflict between the health professionals in the team.
I am prejudiced by the high prices, the uncomfortableness of the hockey-arena setting, and such anti-artistic features as the society-editors' coverage of the event.
Such nonverbal expressions include: changes in tone of voice, eye contact, gaze and aversion of gaze, silence, laughter, teary eyes, facial expressions, hand and body movements, trembling, touch, physical distance, leaning forward or backward, sighs, or other signs of distress or uncomfortableness.
Getting her to school as a child was a nightmare; she would fuss and flutter around the house, taking things out and putting things back into her bag for no reason other than she seemed to like the uncomfortableness of her own rushing.
When I saw her hatred and uncomfortableness of her own blackness I realized I was doing the same thing?
I think that that's clearly reflective of an increasing concern among parents and uncomfortableness about what is being put on over-the-air in television and radio, and also increasingly frustration about the responsiveness to their concerns.
It is deeply uncomfortable, and one cause of that necessary uncomfortableness is the persistent search for truth through employing rather than denying our critical faculties.
Any change has a certain level of uncomfortableness to it.