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Ralph felt himself stiffen uncomfortably, as he said:
Still holding Helen's hand he drew his arm round Rachel's shoulder, thus making them come uncomfortably close, but Helen forbore to look.
He loved money, but he also loved to spend it in gratifying his peculiar tastes, and perhaps he loved it best of all as a means of making others feel his power more or less uncomfortably.
The truth is, I begun to think uncomfortably of the dedication.
From then on until noon of the second day, it continued to drop until it became as uncomfortably cold as it had been unbearably hot before.
Being uncomfortably full he was inclined to be sleepy and far from belligerent.
The other man, in nondescript garments that were both of the sea and shore, and that must have been uncomfortably hot, slouched and shambled like an overgrown ape.
The Fire People must have increased in numbers until they pressed uncomfortably against the bounds of their habitat.
But after a time, while the awareness of them continued uncomfortably with him, the hair on his neck remained laid down and he neither uttered a snarl nor bared his teeth.
Doubtless it is fancy, but it seems to me now that the remaining distance was made in a chill fog; that I was uncomfortably cold; that the way was longer than ever before, and the town, when we reached it, cheerless, forbidding, and desolate.
Well, now, no, I suppose not--not exactly," stammered Matthew, uncomfortably driven into a corner for his precise meaning.
If you wouldn't mind putting it away at once," he asked, a little uncomfortably.