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The Publications Committee is pleased to grant this year's Lionel Basney Award for the best uncommissioned article published in volume 57 of Christianity and Literature to Monica Brzezinski Potkay, for her essay, "The Parable of the Sower and Obscurity in the Prologue to Marie de France's Lais" 57.
TAKE the uncommissioned work from Wales' hottest new playwrights.
Semelroth specializes in uncommissioned pastel portraits.
Stencil artists respond to the dominance of advertising in the urban landscape, reclaiming the streets with uncommissioned art and unsolicited slogans, circulating outside the market economy but alongside its signs: the billboards and hoardings that fill our public spaces.
An earlier effort was a Spinal Tap-style documentary about his touring experiences which, although uncommissioned, was afterwards snapped up by Channel four and aired three times.
But last year 30 of the projects' 200 angels went uncommissioned.
Every record label is sent vast quantities of uncommissioned work.