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Breed who want to keep graffiti or uncommissioned street art (11) on their property must contend with two main forms of regulation.
Like Jones, Owen feels a mixture of excitement and nerves at the prospect of showcasing his uncommissioned work to an audience.
An earlier effort was a Spinal Tap-style documentary about his touring experiences which, although uncommissioned, was afterwards snapped up by Channel four and aired three times.
For in the work that he was about to embark upon, unconstrained and uncommissioned, Genet was engaged in a project at once more artful and more truthful.
Every record label is sent vast quantities of uncommissioned work.
Is it only applied research that speaks meaningfully to the political audience, or is there also space for research that is uncommissioned and unconnected to government aspirations, but capable of informing policy?
By 1950 Blai had met Wright and journeyed to Taliesin to create an uncommissioned bronze bust.
Most of our work is commissioned but around six years ago, we undertook a uncommissioned mystery shop of every local authority.
Mary's University) and Mary-Anne Vetterling (Regis College), the CCL Publications Committee is therefore delighted to name Emily Griesinger as the recipient of the second annual Lionel Basney Award for the best uncommissioned essay published in Volume 50 of Christianity and Literature.